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ohayo gozaimasu
Anonymous asked:
I believe I just developed a crush

well you’re in some deep shit bro :(

Anonymous asked:
Can I send my pics to you? I wrote Naomi on my leg and chest and take a few pics to give to you,and some with a girl who's my friend and loves your tumblr too :x

sure anon (:

Anonymous asked:
Just wondering do you support Hamas and his terrorist organization? You know that Hamas is allied with Iran and has also has ties with Hezbollah and the Muslim brotherhood. These 4 have said in many occasions death to America and death to all the Jews. If u actually support Hamas you are actually supporting for the destruction of America as well. I believe gaza should be free from Hamas and their terrorist organization but they voted for hams so now they are suffering the consequences.

i don’t support any organisation   the one thing that every body is trying to say is that they  keep killing  people that didn’t do shit to them that just wanna live their life in peace  , you say muslim brotherhood  hopefully you’re not talking about any living muslim 

thisoutlawsith asked:
Hey! Once you get this post 5 random facts about yourself and then send this to your 10 favorite followers.

iahaha euuh lets see

1- i like  french fries like crazy i could eat  it every day for the rest of my life

2-im 5,1 or 5,2 not sure lol pretty short

3- i collect figures  ( i own 12 for now) lol

4- butts are ment for touching 

5- i  just bought the fifity shades of grey trilogie and i regret it big time o_o

 ehmm i guess every person that wanna do this xD just click like and ill send it to you in your ask box

siiendeiyudu asked:
What is your favorite kind of pizza? Feel free to elaborate.

shit hard question you’re puttin t oo much pressur into me x)

Anonymous asked:
Why the heck are you anti-Israel? Hamas is a terrorist organization whose mission statement is to destroy Israel. They've been firing rockets at Israel every day for months. Israel has been responding in the past by giving free medicine and electricity. Only now, after many casualties, Israel decides to fight back. Hamas responds by using children as human shields. And you think Israel is the bad guy?

i don’t  that israel is a bad person ,  but i do beleive that israel keeps  killing civials  that didn’t do anything  that’s the whole point of people  of all of this  they are killing the wrong people !! also i beleive that  gaza have the right to shoot them back   ,also you say that  isreal decided to fight back only now  excuse me but it’s has been going on for years ! and yeas i do think israel is  the bad guy as much as i think that hamas is to because of them are killing people that didn’t do shit  so the whole point of this is that  evert person talking about this is because we are agains’t the fact that they are taking both of their revenges  agains’t human beings that  didn’t do anything that just wanna live in peace !


Japan Going Hard For Palestine✌️

so   you guys need to help me out of doing a giveaway what kind of  gift’s should i put on it :)

really love seing the news latelly just shows how much people all around the world are  kind  and none racist to  be against what israel is doing to palestine /gaza  YOU GO PEOPLE you rock   thumb up to   the people in england /chilli / morocco .. and  other countries <3

Anonymous asked:
your beautiful and lovely i wish i could meet you one day ><

 maybe in case you see me in public don’t forget to holla :D  im nice really >:D <3